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Pride Journey Holiday Spotlight: Hotel Ranga, South Coast of Iceland

The holiday season is a popular time to visit Iceland, given its plentiful arctic adventures - from exploring ice caves and frozen waterfalls to glacier snowmobiling to the promise of a White Christmas. The island is also known for its love of decorating with twinkle lights. But to truly experience the best light show the winter season has to offer, visitors should head to Southern Iceland, where the unobstructed dark skies serve as a regular and optimal canvas for viewing the colorful Northern Lights. Here visitors can experience the Age of Aurora and also learn the folklore and take part in the Icelandic Christmastime custom of receiving visits from the 13 Yule Lads (or Icelandic Santa Clauses) when they stay at Hotel Rangá. From December 11th - 24th, children are invited to leave their shoe in the windowsill of their hotel room to receive a holiday treat from the likes of Spoon Licker, Door Sniffer, Candle Beggar, or another one of the mischievous, troll-like brothers with peculiar names. Goodies are also left on the doorknobs for all guests and Hotel Rangá is festively decorated for the season. This year, in place of their famous annual weekend Christmas Buffet leading up to the holiday, the hotel will instead offer a gourmet 13 course menu, as well as a completely vegan version. The 13 dishes, one for each Yule Lad, features delicacies such as the hotel’s famous Mushroom Soup, and even reindeer pate served alongside spiced mulled wine, while the vegan courses include the likes of Cinnamon Marinated BeetRoot and Veggie Meatballs.


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