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Pride Journey Summer Getaway: Mesa Verde National Park

Mesa Verde National Park is the seventh oldest in the National Park System and a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. Far View Lodge, situated within the park at 8,250 ft. above sea level, reopens on May 1. Visitors can explore archeological sites of the ancestral Puebloans on the 700 Years Tour that gives guests a historical look into the architectural, horticultural, cultural, and religious dimensions of the Ancestral Puebloans life in the Southwest including the Cliff Palace, the largest of the preserved dwellings or the Introduction to Mesa Verde Tour that stops at the Spruce Tree House and Chapin Mesa sites. Mesa Verde offers ample designated trails throughout. For park preservation and guest safety, visitors may not enter the Cliff Palace, Long House & Balcony dwellings unless accompanied by a uniformed park ranger.

Photo Courtesy of Aramark

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