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Pride Journeys Ecotourism: Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas

People have traveled for hundreds of years in wonder of the hidden gem known as Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas. The magic of Hot Springs lies within our thermal water - emerging from the ground after traveling 4,400 years to the surface at a temperature of 143 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot Springs National Park is unique in that it surrounds the urban downtown area while also capturing the natural beauty that has enticed visitors since the mid 1800’s. Hot Springs National Park holds 26 miles of hiking trails and several spots to fill up jugs for free, so you may “quaff the elixir” the same way those in the past and present enjoy.

The only brewery inside of a National Park and the first brewery to utilize thermal spring water to brew beer, Superior Bathhouse Brewery is a must see when visiting Hot Springs! Superior bypasses the need to heat up their water for their beer brewing process by using what’s found in Hot Springs naturally. Stop by for a pint or flight of geo-thermal brewed beer at this unique attraction, brewery and restaurant!

The Hotel Hale is a boutique hotel in a historic bathhouse, located along Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs. This one of a kind stay offers the same thermal water found in Hot Springs National Park pumped directly to the soaking tubs in each room. Visit their restaurant for delicious fine dining, cocktails and a living plant wall fed by a beautiful sky light.


Hot Springs has something for every niche of biker, from mountain bike trails to smooth cruising along the Hot Springs Creek Greenway Trail. For next level mountain bike and hiking trails in Arkansas, be sure to visit the Northwoods Trails. Located just minutes away by bike from Hot Springs National Park, you’ll find over 25 miles of trails to explore from the seat of your bike. The Northwood’s Trails system includes Green, Blue and Black single track, multi-track, flow trails, jump lines, and bike skills park. For those interested in taking a tour around Hot Springs by bike, check out Hot Springs Bicycle Touring Co. Pick your favorite bike to rent then suit up for the Water Tasting Tour, visiting each spring fountain in downtown Hot Springs.

Garvan Woodland Gardens

210-acres of breathtaking botanical gardens await you at Garvan Woodland Gardens! Owned by the University of Arkansas, Garvan Woodland Gardens is home to the architecturally impressive glass Anthony Chapel Complex and the Bob and the four story Sunny Evans Treehouse which floats among the trees of the gardens. Stroll through the different sections of the gardens to view gorgeous flora and fauna; see the Garden of the Pine Wind, the Bridge of the Full Moon, the Koi Pond and of course say hi to George the Peacock who roams the garden grounds.

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