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Pride Journeys Ecotourism: Medellin Colombia

Medellin encourages cycling and walking tours, planting more trees and implementing comprehensive solid waste management, and even engages in the training of "eco-citizens" committed to best environmental practices. This system of sustainable processes is integral to this Colombian country.

For outdoor escapes, consider Arví Park. Located in the township of Santa Elena, the rural area of Medellín, The Cultural and Environment Center: Arví Park, is the only natural park in Colombia that has the Rainforest Alliance certification in sustainable tourism, which recognizes good environmental practices but also local cultures. The park contributes to the community while highlighting the cultural and gastronomic traditions of the region. The Arví Market, for example, gathers more than 40 stalls in which farmers, micro-entrepreneurs, and inhabitants of the territory offer handicrafts, processed foods, and typical agricultural products from the region.

For accommodations, The Hotel Cannua also illustrates ecotourism practices. In addition to using fresh produce grown locally, it is located in nine hectares of protected forest. Its design adheres to principles of agricultural design that ensures the conservation of the natural ecosystem through construction that uses sustainable bamboo and rainwater collection systems.

For adventures, Ecoventure is just one example of a tour company offering travelers the chance to experience the waterfalls, rivers, and hiking trails that make Medellin such a unique destination. Other experiences, like birdwatching introduce visitors to the flying fauna of Medellin and its region.

Photos Courtesy of Medellín Convention & Visitors Bureau

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