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Pride Journeys Ecotourism: Quad Cities

Located on the Mississippi River, the Quad Cities is comprised of Moline/East Moline & Rock Island in Illinois; Davenport & Bettendorf in Iowa; and surrounding communities.

At Niabi Zoo, they educate to inspire people to take conservation action. If people don’t know what is happening to animals and habitats, they won’t care enough to do anything about the threats facing them. Niabi Zoo wants to teach people to care enough to act, for without action, conservation cannot occur.

From the Mississippi River and its tributaries, to their floodplain wetlands and backwaters, to the wooded bluffs and upland plains, more than 16,000 acres of publicly accessible natural areas lie within an hour’s drive of the Quad Cities metro area. River Action has taken up the call to bring Quad Cities’ region natural areas to the attention of its communities and to foster ecotourism to these amazing resources. This effort is called "QC Wild Places."

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