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Pride Journeys Ecotourism: Seaside, Oregon

Seaside is Oregon’s original beach town! Seaside has long been the oceanfront and riverside playground for generations of kids and kids-at-heart. There’s lots to see and do from restaurants, arcades, and shops to bumper cars, art galleries and outdoor recreation.

Visitors have been vacationing in Seaside since the 1870s. The town is situated between two rivers and the Pacific Ocean and bordered on the south by Tillamook Head mountain (including famed Ecola State Park) and on the north by a beautiful estuary w/sea birds and sand dollars in abundance. Seaside's 1.5 mile concrete Promenade and famous automobile Turnaround will celebrate their 100th year in 2021. The Prom and the flat, quiet city streets make this an ideal walking and biking destination. The estuary and Cove make it a prime birding destination. The Tillamook Head Trail into Ecola State Park make it a great hiking destination. Downtown Broadway and the historic Gilbert District make it a prime shopping, games, and fun destination. Seaside has one of the last remaining Fascination parlors on the West Coast.

Seaside Brewery & the North Coast Food Trail - Seaside Brewery is a small-batch brewery and texas-style BBQ housed in the historic jail and old city hall, but it is also the first restaurant on the North Oregon Coast to be certified Ocean Friendly by the Surfrider Foundation. It is also one (of seven) Seaside stops on the North Coast Food Trail, a self-guided tour of sustainability-minded businesses with locally-sourced ingredients.

Photo Credit: Don Frank and Seaside Brewery

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