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Pride Journeys Property Spotlight: Elegant Hotels, Barbados

Stay at One and Play at Many program

Stay at any of the seven prime oceanfront properties where the guests can enjoy a wide selection of Barbados luxury accommodations at the other Elegant Hotels properties. Try a restaurant and entertainment at a different property each night with the Taste of Elegance Dine Around Programme* or treat with a relaxing spa treatment at any of the four on-site spas.* Guests can algo try boogie boarding in exciting surf at Turtle Beach, or swim in lagoon style pools and visit the Cave Bar at Crystal Cove. By day, the guests can take a complimentary water taxi to select west coast sister hotels. They can also carve out a night for an exquisite adult-only dining experience at Tapestry located at the all new Treasure Beach Hotel.

St. Nicholas Abbey’s 350-year history is filled with colorful tales about love and intrigue; its owners have played pivotal roles in both Barbadian and American history. Located in the hills of St. Peter, St. Nicholas Abbey encompasses over 400 acres of undulating sugar cane fields, lush tropical gullies, mahogany forests and formal gardens. Cherry Tree Hill, located to the northeast of St. Nicholas Abbey great house, offers a commanding view of Barbados’ rugged east coast shoreline, which may have given the area special meaning to the indigenous peoples of Barbados in prehistoric times. Amerindian artifacts have been found in the limestone bedrock, indicating that the indigenous peoples of Barbados had exploited the forests and gullies around St. Nicholas Abbey for centuries before the arrival of Europeans. We recommend that the travelers plan to spend a minimum of 2-3 hours touring the plantation. Guided tours of the great house showcase a wealth of tradition including antiques and artifacts spanning the home's 350-year history. In addition there is the Rum distillery tour and railway train experience with great views of Barbados country side

Two of the world’s rarest sea creatures make their nests on the beaches of Barbados: the Hawksbill and the Leatherback Turtles. The Hawksbill nests between April and November mainly on the west and south coasts of the island, whilst the mighty Leatherback, the largest of all turtle species, nests between February and July on the windswept beaches of the east coasts and south coasts. Adult turtles return to the beaches that they themselves hatched on 20-30 years previously, in order to make their own nests. These marine reptiles emerge from the water every 2-5 years and make 4-6 nests for the season. Where they locate their eggs is important, for sea-water kills the developing embryos. Furthermore, the sex of embryos is determined by sand temperature - cool temperatures found closer to the tide line produce males and warm temperatures produce females. The Colony Club Hotel currently has seven nesting areas along the beach. Swim with the turtle trips can be arrange by the hotels and this tour experience is offered daily.


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