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Product Review: Aria Travel Kit

I recently received a sample of the Aria Travel Kit. As an avid traveler pre-pandemic, I was excited to see if this kit really fit every need. What I found was pretty much everything I require when I travel.

The kit contains hand-picked, high-quality materials to make your travel experience incredibly comfortable. 

Every Aria kit includes:

  • handmade & all-natural face & body moisturizer

  • grapefruit & bergamot

  • handmade & all-natural lip balm

  • grapefruit

  • handmade & all-natural deodorant

  • citrus(light)

  • handmade & all-natural solid perfume

  • portland rose

  • artisan-crafted kite notebook

  • 6 x 9 lined notebook(makes for a perfect gift)

  • silk-filled-with-silk 22 momme sleeping eye mask

  • navy or dark grey

  • little care package in a satin pouch:

  • 1 coiled hair ties

  • 2 Emergen-Cs

  • 2 pairs of earplugs

  • 2 individually wrapped q-tips

  • 2 disposable protective masks

  • that pen you always forget

All inside a high-quality vegan leather case.

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