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San Miguel de Allende Offers LGBTQ-Friendly Hotel Options

San Miguel de Allende has been a city I've wanted to visit for quite sometime. I know two people that own homes there and absolutely love spending the majority of their time in the city. Here are three LGBTQ-friendly hotels in the city that you should consider visiting if you take a journey to this beautiful city.

The Brooklane San Miguel de Allende, a gay-owned business, is located in el Callejon de Volanteros, just a five minute walk from the Jardin Principal (the main square of the city). Unlike many of the small hotels in San Miguel, the roads leading to The Brooklane have a gentle slope which make it an easy commute to and from all the main city attractions. The five guest-room home was designed as an inviting retreat and an immersive getaway.

The Brooklane offers a crafted experience drawn from the culture of Miami, New York, and San Miguel. Immediately upon arrival, guests are welcomed by the sophisticated design which blends the three different cities in which the hotel owners have lived in. An eclectic collection of art and design-pieces make one feel as if though you were entering a museum. The Brooklane is spearheading a new art initiative, by bringing artists from various corners of the globe to take up residency at the hotel. Guests will have the opportunity to be around the artist as they create one-of-a-kind pieces later to be displayed in the artist-niche (a rotating art wall-space).

The culinary offerings include a well-travelled inspired menu by Chef Esteban Betancourt. Mediterranean, Latin American, and French flavors combine to create an eclectic menu. Hotel highlights include daily breakfast, afternoon-tea and coffee served with our signature biscotti, a dipping pool to cool off from the San Miguel heat, a koi-pond, and a nightly complimentary cocktail.

CASA HOYOS is a new design lodging proposal in San Miguel de Allende — authentic, honest and contemporary. The integral concept may transport you back to the colonial era but the story is very relaxed and fresh — in today's vernacular.

After World War II broke out, many Americans began to move to San Miguel de Allende and, as there were no local banks at that time, Julián set up CASA HOYOS -Casa de Cambio, the city's first exchange bureau and branch office for banks across Mexico, at the location. Since that time and due to its business activities, the house was known colloquially by both Mexicans and foreigners as the "Bean Bank".

Now, under care of a fourth generation of the Hoyos family, CASA HOYOS reopens its doors in honor of Julián Hoyos, his wife Concepción Dobarganes and their children —as a design-oriented boutique hotel. The first courtyard of the historic property was restored under the supervision of Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), while the second courtyard was refitted in an eclectic style to house the hotel, including a terrace and bar with the best views in the city.

With an open central courtyard surrounded by 16 rooms on two floors and crowned by an archway with Andalusian-style balconies around its circumference. Room features at CASA HOYOS boast a contemporary style but retain elements of colonial baroque design, such as twisted Solomonic columns and, in suites, canopy beds. The designers made liberal use of handmade materials manufactured in the Guanajuato region, including clay tiles, paste tile and glazed ceramics. In addition, the property also features other characteristic elements of Mexican modernism, such as pure concrete, textured glass, tile, steel frames and black contours that delineate all the volumes of the space, lending a nostalgic touch of yesterday's Mexico.

Suites Santo Domingo is located in a 7 minute walk uphill from the main plaza, it has only 8 apartment-suites, a colonial patio, 24-hours front desk service, terrace with a great view and gardens with fruit trees like guava, avocado, peaches, limes, grenadines and even papaya.

All unites are different, King, queen or 2 double bed options, separate leaving and dining rooms, full equipped kitchens, and fireplace. All unites have cable TV including US channels like ABC and CBS. WiFi, daily cleaning, basic kitchenware, and dishes.

Suites Santo Domingo is still a family owned and ran business. It is managed by Mr. Guillermo Engelbrecht, the grandson of the original owner. Founded in 1949 by Guillermo Engelbrecht, a German that came to San Miguel after being war prisoner from the Great War (WW1), as an apartment building, this unique place received the first art teachers and students that came to the international art school Instituto Allende.


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