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Self-Care Tips for LGBTQ Couples

Practicing self-care has never been more important than it is today. It's true that we have always been aware of the power self-care has, so more often than not, we engaged in some of these activities, such as talking to plants, meditating, or taking long, hot showers during which we try to solve some of our deepest concerns. However, the stakes are even higher if you're in a relationship, especially an LGBTQ one in which you may come across different social obstacles such as intolerance or peer pressure. In this case, practicing self-care together is of the utmost importance, as it will help you mentally and also help you reach a new level of closeness with your partner. But what are the activities that you can together opt for, and how do them properly?

Meditate together

One of the most obvious tips is meditation, but it could be pretty beneficial for both of you to practice meditation together. This is an incredible way to build your relationship even more while still working on the issues that you might be having as a couple. Keeping both of you safe and satisfied during these challenging times through spirituality can definitely do wonders for your relationship. As far as the meditation sessions are concerned, you can opt to have one or two 15-minute sessions during the day (preferably in the early morning or late evening), and this will be more than enough to see the results in the weeks to come.

Always show how much you love each other

Showing love never goes out of fashion. This is one of the things that can always keep you strong, satisfied and confident, which is exactly why it should be practiced whenever the occasion arises. Surprising your partner with small yet thoughtful gifts, such as a trip for two to a particular destination or even engraved love you more jewelry is a good way to boost morale and add some spice to your relationship. This is very important for couples who have been together for quite some time – do not let your relationship die, become dull or end up in a rut. Small tokens of appreciation and presents can be a great tool to inject some extra happiness and love into your relationship.

Channel negative emotions through cooking

What is an activity that both of you love to engage in? If it's not cooking, you definitely need to consider adding this one to the list. It doesn't matter if you're a good cook or not - cooking together is an excellent bonding activity that will not only help the two of you bond even more as a couple, but it can greatly enhance your cooking skills (which is even greater if you’re not a good cook!). Rage Baking is yet another term that you should memorize, as it serves as a constructive anger/rage management activity (a book of the same name). When both of you are angry, sad or depressed, hit the kitchen, put on some aprons and make yourself a romantic dinner that both of you will enjoy. Works every time!

Take a nice, relaxing trip

Another exciting self-care activity would be to pack your bags and hit a distant place along with your partner. However, if it's a self-care trip that you really need, make sure to stay away from busy cities and places where you will constantly be on the go – this might not be the perfect destination at this very moment. Instead, choose something distant and secluded, such as a long weekend in the countryside, rent a beach house someplace calm and pretty, or hit the mountains and camp for a couple of nights. What's important here is to be somewhere new where you will talk things out with your partner or simply be quiet together. Relax your muscles, calm your brain, look your partner in the eyes, and you will see how more confident you will be in both yourself and your relationship.

To repeat once again, as it can never be emphasized enough, do whatever you can to practice self-care. In these challenging times, this is even more important than before… and it was always vital.


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