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Type 2 Campers Unveils the Revolutionary Model T2.3 Camper

Type 2 Campers proudly announces the launch of the Model T2.3 camper – the only recreational vehicle (RV) that blends the nostalgic appeal of Volkswagen camper vans with the robust standards of automotive design. Its release marks a new chapter in camper innovation, offering a unique combination of durability, style, longevity, and functionality.

Redefining RV Standards - Type 2 president and co-owner Heather Gardella’s journey into the world of campers started 12 years ago at the helm of Dub Box USA. The company’s Dinky Dub and Adventure series campers, the market’s only campers reminiscent of the classic VW camper van, were a proven hit, but standard RV manufacturing practices slowed the company’s ability to scale. 

“It was clear to me that the camper category was ripe for an evolution,” says Gardella. “We needed faster production times, lightweight and durable materials, and a form factor easier to tow and store.” 

The launch of Type 2 Campers addresses the growing demand in the consumer camping market while solving previous design and production time limitations. The new Model T2.3 camper is engineered with automotive-grade stamped steel panels, and weighs under 1,000 pounds. The steel body also ensures unmatched road durability, elevates safety, lengthens product lifecycle, and shortens time-to-market. 

Ryan Schassen, co-owner of Type 2 Campers, says “There is not a single other RV on the market that is being built like a car. VW buses and airstreams continue to be popular not only for their compelling design, but for their durability. We are literally using stamped metal that is following the engineering and the structural integrity of the now 60-year old VW bus.”

The Model T2.3 camper can be towed by practically any car with a standard hitch, including EVs. It is 9.6 feet long and provides over six feet of head room while the pop up roof is extended. In the lowered roof position the Model T2.3 can be stored comfortably inside a standard garage.

A Broad Appeal - The car-like versatility of the Model T2.3 camper means that camping beginners and experts alike have access to RV adventures, no matter their vehicle type. The camper also is a multifaceted option for activities like tailgating, festivals, weddings, van life living, and sports tournaments.

Gardella continued: “Our goal is to extend the VW culture to those who seek the charm of a VW vehicle without the intensive mechanical upkeep or storage and hauling limitations of a traditional RV. The Model T2.3 camper is our way of sharing this iconic legacy in a modern, accessible design, with functionality that opens up the market to a broader range of customers.”

A Nod to History and Culture - As VW aficionados may recognize, the T2.3 name is a tribute to VW's iconic heritage, where the VW Beetle was referred to as “Type 1” post-World War II, and the subsequent bus in 1948 was named “Type 2”. The “.3” refers to the three windows on the sides of the campers.

The T2.3 campers are now available exclusively at in five color options and three distinct packages: Sleeper, Sleeper Plus, and Kitchenette.


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