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What's New in Iowa City?

The Iowa City area is bringing back “Herky On Parade” in the summer of 2024. This massive community art project combines Iowa City’s love of athletics and art by displaying 95 individually decorated statues of the University of Iowa’s beloved mascot, Herky the Hawk. The 6-foot-tall statues are designed by artists from around the Midwest and sponsored by local businesses and organizations. They are kept secret and then placed throughout Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Tiffin, and Solon under the cover of night on May 1. The statues are on display until September at which time a selection of them are put up for auction to raise money for a scholarship fund for kids going to summer camp.


More information can be found at That website will be updated with maps, artist information, and further details after the unveiling on May 1.


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