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La Paz, Mexico

La Paz is a relatively untouched, traditional Mexican seafront town with pristine beaches on the Sea of Cortez. Unlike the wild Pacific, the waters of the Sea of Cortez are extremely tranquil, warm, perfectly turquoise and crystal clear. There are no huge resorts in town, but rather small boutique hotels, phenomenal mom and pop restaurants like the Las Tres Virgenes, and Bismarkcito, and petite funky cocktail bars like El Buen Bar and mezcalerias, like La Miserable, which serves a wide range of fair trade mezcal, domestic beer and traditional snacks like salted fried crickets and chili salt oranges. For a wellness getaway, Casa Tara offers a retreat for guests who are looking for a secluded paradise surrounded by mountains and framed by miles of sandy beaches.

La Paz is compelling on so many levels – it is considered one of the best diving destinations in the world. It boasts an astounding marine life year-round. Espiritu Santo Island, a Unesco World Heritage Site is home to one of the largest sea lion colonies in Mexico. Seasonally, whale watching in the small bays is a life changing experience with passengers in small pangas, few at a time coming close enough to whales to touch them. Swimming with whale sharks – the largest fish in the world, docile, plankton-eating creatures that reach 60 feet long, is another superlative, often spiritual experience. And of course, Balandra Beach – ranked #1 by Trip Advisor and USA Today as the most beautiful beach in Mexico - is truly a breathtaking and fully unspoiled white sand, turquoise water beach. Technically, Balandra Bay is seven small connected bays where you can actually walk across from one to the other with the water never rising above waist height and your toes visible all along. A morning spent paddle-boarding through its mangroves is a peaceful diversion. Finally, La Paz, despite its many charms, remains an authentic, small Mexican city while also providing world class services, extraordinary cuisine both sophisticated and simple, and

a wide range of adorable hotel options.

For the outdoorsy traveler who prefers to stay dry, there is an unparalleled 10-mile hike to “Sierra de La Laguna,” a stunning peak that sits 1.5 miles above sea level and offers views of La Paz from mountain to sea. The perfect vantage point for taking in all the gorgeous views of this undiscovered Mexican destination. And lastly a host of small villages are discoverable for the adventurous including old mining towns that include old ruins and new arts festivals.

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