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Billy Gilman Announces Facebook Live Performance Friday, March 27 at 7:00pm EST

Billy Gilman, multi-platinum recording artist and runner up on Season 11 of The Voice has announced a Facebook live performance, which will take place at 7pm EST on Friday, March 27.

Gilman was runner up on NBC’s THE VOICE: SEASON 11 and instantly became a fan favorite week after week with his soaring vocals and amazing song choices. Winning over the hearts of millions, Gilman scored over 31 million views on YouTube in four short months during his sensational run on the show. The closest competitor was 7 million views behind!

His coach Adam Levine of Maroon 5 himself said “You can emote so well. You can draw people in so easily,” Levine added. “What you do — you have a very special gift, and I’m just really proud and honored to have you on my team.”

Gilman recently released “Soldier”, a song he hopes people will find inspiration in during this troubling time. “Every so often a great song falls in your lap,” states Gilman. “I am a true believer that I was placed on earth to be a messenger. To sing songs that help someone. This chorus knocked me over. Keep fighting. Stand my ground. I couldn't turn this one away.”

Gilman wants people to feel empowered after listening to the single. “We are all worth everything we set out to do. My life/career has seen some very dark moments. I actually sat on the couch in the studio after I heard this song and cried. It hit such a part of me that needed to hear those words. This song was lighter fluid to that path back upwards.”

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