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Pride Journeys Launches 2020 LGBTQ Travel Directory

Pride Journeys, one of the leading news sources in LGBTQ travel has published an online directory highlighting gay-friendly destinations looking to reach LGBTQ travelers. For the first time ever, two international destinations have been included in this directory: Thunder Bay, Ontario as well as the island nation of Malta.

Interestingly, many of the destinations listed in the directory are mid-west cities and not commonly known as being LGBTQ-friendly destinations, however these are perfect destinations to travel to post COVID-19. Not only are they great road trip destinations, but they are also not as congested as bigger cities, making them the perfect choice for travelers who are still cautious.

Destinations like Grand Rapids, Michigan, Aspen, Colorado and Rochester, New York are a great choice for a summer getaway, while Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Akron, Ohio and Wichita, Kansas may be a great option for a fall visit.

To view the directory, please click HERE.


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