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Pride Journey Outdoors: Cheyenne, Wyoming

If you want to get away, while still maintaining distance from people, I don't think there is a better destination to do so than Wyoming. The last time I visited Wyoming was in 2015. My friend and I stopped in Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Cody, Casper and Cheyenne. Each area has its own flavor and attraction. Visiting Wyoming during the summer is absolutely beautiful and a must-do for any nature lover.

Cheyenne, Wyoming makes for the perfect, mid-trip stop on a road trip to popular destinations out West across Wyoming like Yellowstone National Park or Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The area provides a rich playground for both casual nature lovers and avid outdoor enthusiasts. Located directly off major Interstate 25, stretching from Las Cruces, New Mexico to Interstate 90 in Buffalo, Wyoming, as well as Interstate 80, which runs east from the Wyoming state border, travelers can take advantage of a number of surprising outdoor attractions and adventure experiences, including:

EPIC Bike Trails at Curt Gowdy State Park. Boasting 25 miles of scenic trails, it was recently named as an “Epic” trail system by the International Mountain Bicycling Association.

Visitors can also take on world-class rock climbing at Vedauwoo, located just outside of Cheyenne. Vedauwoo features vast otherworldly rock formations of 1.4 billion year-old granite and dozens of climbing routes with varying levels of difficulty.

Additionally, within the Medicine Bow National Forest, Pole Mountain, which was once used for military training by the War Department, offers endless outdoor recreation opportunities from fishing and hiking to camping.

Photos Courtesy of Visit Cheyenne

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