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Cancel for Any Reason: A Flexible, Beneficial Option for Travel Insurance in an Ever-Changing Indust

Traveling was rapidly becoming a common activity in our lives with people jet-setting for work, vacations, study abroad programs and much more. However, due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, our frequent travels came to a standstill. Travelers’ plans suddenly became halted, postponed, or even canceled. As concerns about COVID-19 remain, many globe-trotters are hesitant to book future trips such as honeymoons or summer vacations. In the midst of unforeseen circumstances, how can travelers protect not only themselves, but also their wallets?

The travel insurance industry offers a protection plan to allow cancellation of travel plans for any reason not otherwise covered: Cancel for Any Reason or CFAR. At Seven Corners, a global travel insurance company, we have experienced an increase in calls from customers asking about CFAR and how it can help. Our team put together information on what CFAR is, what it covers, and how it might be useful when preparing for your next trip.

What does trip insurance typically cover?

Trip insurance can be very beneficial to travelers if plans become disrupted, delayed or canceled. Most plans include:

  • Protection for unused and nonrefundable trip costs, including items like hotel and airfare expenses.

  • Protection for unforeseen medical expenses that can occur while traveling if a traveler becomes sick or gets hurt.

  • Protection for personal belongings or baggage that could be lost, stolen, or damaged while traveling.

Many plans cover common reasons that may prevent travelers from taking their trip such as death, sickness, injury, weather and more. However, they do not cover every possible reason for the cancellation of travel.

What is CFAR?

CFAR is an optional benefit offered on certain trip protection plans from Seven Corners that allows travelers to cancel trips for any reason not otherwise covered.

Travelers can expect most CFAR benefits to increase trip insurance costs by 40% to 50% because the plan now includes much wider coverage for trip cancellation. With CFAR, travelers can cancel their travel plans for any reason. The increase in price occurs because the insurance company now bears an increased risk.

When can CFAR help?

If travelers must cancel current trips due to change of mind, financial hardships, or reluctance to travel due to lingering concerns over COVID-19, CFAR can serve as a helpful option. Travelers may cancel trips for any reason they wish. CFAR can be a valuable and beneficial tool that helps provide flexibility. For example, if travelers are nervous about planning international trips such as honeymoons or destination weddings due to COVID-19 concerns, CFAR may be a good option.

Purchasing CFAR

Travelers can select CFAR when purchasing trip insurance. However, it is not available in all states, and it must be purchased within a specific time limit. For example, our RoundTrip Elite plan allows purchase within 20 days of the date the initial trip payment is received. If additional trip costs are incurred, they must be insured within 15 days of payment. These costs may include additional excursions or tours.

CFAR requires travelers to insure 100% of their non-refundable trip expenses. If a hotel, airline, or excursion provider will refund a portion of the trip expenses, the refundable amount does not need to be insured.

CFAR benefits also require cancellation within a specific time. RoundTrip Elite benefits require cancellation two days or more before the scheduled departure date.

It is imperative to understand that if the CFAR benefit is utilized, only a stated percentage of the nonrefundable trip costs will be received. With a plan like RoundTrip Elite, 75% of the amount insured will be reimbursed. This is because travelers are granted the leisure of cancellation for any reason desired.

Overall, CFAR is an excellent option for any sort of travel, as the world and our lives are ever-changing. If travelers must halt, postpone or cancel travel plans, CFAR allows travelers to do so for any reason necessary. CFAR can also be a beneficial tool for planning travels in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The flexibility granted by CFAR gives travelers comfort and security when booking their next destination.

About Seven Corners Founded in 1993, Seven Corners, Inc. is an innovative and service-focused travel insurance and specialty benefit management company that serves a global market. Based in Carmel, Ind., the company offers a variety of customized travel insurance solutions to domestic and international travelers. Seven Corners also provides third-party administrative services to insurance companies and administers benefits for U.S. government programs.

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