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Celebrate Autumn in Palestine, Texas

Autumn in East Texas brings with it the crisp morning air and a stunning display of colors, as green gracefully transforms into yellow, orange, and red. In the enchanting Pineywoods region, Palestine stands out as the ideal destination to revel in the beauty of this season. Apart from exploring Davey Dogwood Park and casting a line in the nearby lakes, you can embark on an extraordinary journey through one of Texas’ most hauntingly captivating mansions, indulge in truly unique festivals, and so much more. Get ready to plan your ultimate fall getaway and immerse yourself in these incredible autumn adventures that await you in Palestine!


With a rich history spanning over 140 years, the Historic Bowers Mansion stands as a breathtaking testament to Palestine’s captivating past. Behind its stunning facade, lies a hidden secret – a dark tale of a murder-suicide that unfolded in the ’50s, accompanied by numerous mysterious deaths throughout the years. Regarded as a local legend, this Texas Historic Landmark has remained unexplored by paranormal investigators until now. Prepare to witness a new chapter unfold as our team embarks on a riveting exploration of this historic gem, shedding light on its intriguing past. Book here.


Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush at a spine-chilling haunted adventure! Step into the eerie darkness of an old, abandoned house, where spirits roam freely, ready to give you the scare of a lifetime. Brace yourself as you navigate through a labyrinth of cells, isolation tanks, and ominous halls, where fear and terror lurk around every corner. Don’t miss the chance to experience being Locked In Fear! Join us for limited dates – Fridays and Saturdays, October 13 – 28, at the Texas Jailhouse, 704 Avenue A. Admission is $15.00 per person. Get set for an unforgettable thrill that will leave your heart pounding and your senses tingling. Are you ready to face your fears?

The Award-Winning Tahwahkaro Distillery

Dark, flavorful, and smooth like a flowing river, Tahwahkaro Distillery’s spirits are world-renowned. Now you can taste them at the source in Palestine. Recently relocated from Grapevine to its new location in a former Coors distribution center, Tahwahkaro crafts its bourbon and whiskey using corn from Valley View, rye from Denton, malts from Fort Worth, and water from Palestine. Try them out for yourself at the distillery’s tasting room or stop by to catch a show in the indoor/outdoor music space or relax on the patio. Make sure to set some time aside for a behind-the-scenes tour of the distillery, which is the perfect time to learn about the ins and outs of whiskey making. Whether you’re a whiskey enthusiast or you want to savor a true taste of Texas, stop by Tahwahkaro Distillery.


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