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Embracing Wellness in Savannah

Healthy getaways are the perfect way to reset, recharge and take care of you! Whether you’re a wellness guru or just want some time for yourself, Savannah has the perfect blend of outdoor activities, nutritious dining options and rejuvenating things to do. Discover why you should take your wellness retreat to Savannah this year:


  • The Westin’s Heavenly Spa provides revitalizing treatments for the body, face, hands, and feet. Treat yourself to the Platinum hydrafacial is an invigorating treatment that includes all of the essentials of the Signature HydraFacial® while addressing your specific skin concern with a Booster of your choice. This treatment concludes with LED Light Therapy to further reduce the visible signs of aging, and lymphatic drainage.

  • If you need your stresses massaged away, then head to Spa Bleu located in the heart of downtown Savannah.


  • Rest and relaxation are important pillars to healthy living, but take it a step further at The Corner Suite which offers innovative wellness treatments like IV drip therapy and infrared saunas in an inviting, serene space.

  • For some quiet you-time, one can always cozy up in a sunny Savannah square with a page-turner from Books on Bay.

  • Tybee Wellness Retreats - Each retreat is held in an upscale private home on one of Georgia’s Barrier Islands, Tybee Island, GA. Retreat options include two yoga classes on Saturday and Sunday, one Interactive Energy Workshop, one art workshop, one “Find Your Fire Workshop”, with all meals provided by a private chef.

  • Ōtium Studio is a boutique yoga, fitness and wellness studio located just steps from Perry Lane Hotel. An there is a range to choose from! The studio offers healthy infrared heating and daily flōw, meditation, ō-barre and TRX classes. This is also open to non-hotel guests for a small price.

  • Mindful Yoga Flow on the River is an all-levels Yoga class offered Friday-Sunday at 8AM at the beautiful Plant Riverside District. This 60-minute yoga session rests your mind and soul as you enjoy beautiful views of the river.

Eating Well

Plant-based foodies flock to Fox & Fig, Savannah’s first vegan café. On Savannah’s famous Broughton street, you can chow down on satisfying plates from Kayak Café. While exploring the Victorian District, drop by the deli counter insider Brighter Day Foods, one of the neighborhood’s best-kept secrets. If you’re staying in Savannah over a weekend, be sure to browse through the Forsyth Park Farmer’s Market for local produce and artisan products.

Meet that 10,000 steps/day Goal

  • Walk through Savannah’s iconic Historic District on a three-part journey of 10,000 steps. Two Savannah locals will show you how to see a large part of the city in a day, while meeting your fitness benchmarks. Join them for a 10,000-step guide to immersing yourself in Savannah’s historic architecture, park-like squares, attractions, restaurants and more.

  • Walk through a breathtaking avenue sheltered by live oaks and Spanish moss on Wormsloe State Historic Site. You may take a guided tour or adventure on your own through the trails, which can extend up to 2.3 miles.

  • Walk on beautiful Tybee Beach and soak the sun in on the pier! Walking barefoot on the sandy beach is never an overrated practice, and Tybee island provides the perfect environment for mindfulness and rejuvenation.

Photos courtesy of Visit Savannah and Kelli Boyd Photography


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