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Evive Smoothie Cubes Make for a Delicious and Nutritious Meal

Delicious plant-based breakfasts are on the rise with Evive – the innovative Canadian brand that's just launched in the US to deliver healthy smoothies straight to your door.

Evive's convenient smoothie cubes make it easy to whip up a nutrition-packed snack, healthy breakfast, or energizing smoothie bowl for a tasty superfood solution. This breakthrough concept lets you simply pop the cubes into your favorite plant-based milk, water, juice, and more, let melt, and shake.

The website says that you only need to let the cubes dissolve for 15-20 minutes, however I found that on average it took about 30 minutes to fully dissolve, so plan accordingly.

I've tried all of the 6 flavors and I can't seem to pick a favorite. All of them are equally as delicious.

Available in 6 unique flavors:

- Asana - Get glowing skin with antioxidant rich cherries, blueberries, acai, and pumpkin seeds

- Aztec - Energize your body and taste buds with pear, cocoa, goji berries, and dates

- Samurai - Protect against free radicals with raspberries, beets, and chia

- Sapphire - Support your brain and glowing skin with spirulina pineapple and baobab

- Touk-Touk - Get carried away with anti-inflammatory sea buckthorn berry, turmeric, coconut, and pineapple

- Yogi - Detox, build, and repair with pear, kale, hemp seeds, and spirulina

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