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Lessons to Learn From LGBTQ Fashion Bloggers

Among the constantly growing number of fashion bloggers, LGBTQ names occupy an important place, and for a good reason. With an eye for detail and an acute sense for fashion trends, young LGBTQ influencers are setting the trends for the entire community, as well as straight guys and girls looking to get the biggest style bang for their buck. If you are hungry for fashion input and would like to pick up a few tips from LGBTQ fashion celebs, these influencers and their take on fresh trends will help you achieve stunning looks right off the bat.

Simi Moonlight’s bold elegance

A TikTok celebrity with an impeccable fashion taste, Simi takes pride in a body-positive fashion statement characterized by extensive use of color and bold accent details. With her high-fashion sense of style, she aims to make it clear to everyone that extra weight is not something to be ashamed of. In her style, she explores the boundaries of gender identity and challenges the rules of increasingly fat-phobic fashion norms of the day. With Simi Moonlight, even the classic jeans and a simple top look fabulous and she knows how to wear her style to best visual effects.

Shay Neary’s bold fashion

Another plus-size model who jumped on the fashion wagon back in 2016, Shay Neary has been featured in Coverstory’s campaign and several other sets such as those with Yours Clothing, Woman Within, and Ellos. In her style, timeless elegance marries sex appeal, which is why she was featured in Cosmopolitan’s Let’s (Actually) Talk About (Actual) Sex. With a flair for style, Shay looks equally stunning in provocative underwear as she does in a little black dress, much to the joy of her Instagram audience.

LGBTQ fashionistas are rocking global style trends, and it is a good thing they are. Beauty shines equally bright in binary and non-binary clothes, male hoodies, and women’s activewear, as well as their combination. Fashion is constantly changing, and with bold LGBTQ influencers who are not afraid to experiment with clothing norms, the world looks far more colorful and chic, with a substantial dose of high-street style, casual clothes, and sexy touches.

Mayra Mejia’s chic simplicity

Managing director of The Curvy Fashionista and contributing author, Mayra Mejia shares her takes on fat-positive fashion on Instagram and Twitter, and her followers seem to adore her attitude as much as her stylistic expression. For Mayra, a fashionable clothing combination features a lot of bright hues, bold prints, and playful yet daring outfit mixes with minimal accents. Her confidence allows her to look amazing even in plus-size pajamas and people on the web have embraced both her and her unique style in its simplicity.

Jari Jones’s eclectic style

For Jari Jones, fashion is all about playing with set norms, and her stylistic expression flies in the face of classic elegance. Bold colors and prints are the core of her personal fashion statement and they allow her to be a true fashion rebel eager to play with the boundaries of style in a body-positive manner. A jack of all trades, Jari Jones is an actress, singer, photographer, videographer and a proud trans-femme celebrity who knows her worth and is not afraid to experiment with elements that are far from mainstream.

Marquis Neal’s chic femme

A loud and proud queer femme who knows fashion like the back of their hand, Marquis Neal managed to land a collaboration with ASOS right after they introduced their Big & Tall line. In their fashion world, there are no strict gender boundaries, nor is there room for hyper-masculinity since they focus on the elements that constitute a superior queer and transgender male style. They are also part of Tarik Carroll’s The EveryMAN Project and an inspiration for many queer folks who love to experiment with established fashion conventions. Judging by his Instagram, Marquis looks equally loud and proud in heels and skirts as they would in gender-neutral attire, and their followers love them for it.

Ready or not, LGBTQ celebrities are changing the way people around the globe perceive both gender and style, as well as the concept of beauty itself. These young folks will keep intriguing and delighting their followers on social networks as they continue to reinvent fashion with every new bold clothing combination.


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