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Portugal Launches a Challenge for More Sustainable Tourism Post-COVID

Visit Portugal has launched a new challenger, entitled “Can’t Skip Tomorrow” that calls for the promotion of a more responsible and sustainable tourism through a new video campaign which will run through the first quarter of 2021.

The #CantSkipTomorrow concept is informed by the global guidelines of the World Tourism Organization which state that the tourism sector will rebound stronger post-COVID if the recovery is responsible and sustainable.

“This message conveys our responsibility as a tourism destination, to the Portuguese, to international visitors, to tourism industry partners and, above all, to a planet that needs to regenerate,” said VisitPortugal CEO, Luís Araújo. “After launching the Sustainable 20-23 Plan, we also see sustainability as the focus of our promotion, in order to prepare a more resistant, more resilient and, above all, responsible future."

The challenge videos show the natural assets of Potugal and the world, illustrating the moment in which the future and present are translated into the signature “Tomorrow is today,” the driving force that will make us all rediscover new ways of traveling.

The challenge is a global appeal to unity and mobility, to protect the natural assets which are essential to each nation’s identity and preserve them forever. The nature that dazzles travelers will only be maintained if we are responsible in attracting respectful and conscientious visitors.

The video, “Hello World. It's me, Tomorrow” can be viewed here:


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