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Pride Journey Property Spotlight: The Westin Golf Resort and Spa Reserva Conchal

Between beach and forest, The Westin Golf Resort and Spa Reserva Conchal is located inside a Natural Reserve of Wildlife, Reserva Conchal, that allow the guests to interact with local vegetation and fauna of this magical place with high environmental standards. This resort is Carbon Positive which means that they overcompensate the Carbon emissions that the operation produces, among other wonderful environmental practices working together with W Costa Rica Hotel and Reserva Conchal, such as:


Inside Reserva Conchal is the country’s first desalination plant as part of our groundbreaking sustainable practices, employing a process that removes salt from seawater and then re-mineralizes it to provide fresh water for irrigation or human consumption.


Reserva Conchal has invested in state-of-the-art irrigation system with artificial intelligence data to prevent leaking and overwatering. This system is tied into the Westin resort property’s on-site treatment plant, where wastewater from the two hotels is recycled for the golf course greens and garden areas.


The preservation of unspoiled natural space is central to our mission. Protected forests help prevent climate change by sequestering carbon, and the absence of human development attracts all kinds of wildlife. Wildlife reserves keep biological corridors open and protect vulnerable species of all kinds. Visit our 96-acre national wildlife reserve to experience nature at its most undisturbed.


Over the past 10 years, the volunteers’ program of Reserva Conchal, Westin Reserva Conchal and W Costa Rica have planted more than 15,000 trees in the Reserva Conchal nursery, which protects, preserves and enhances the natural development of endemic species in the area.


In partnership with the National Learning Institute (INA) since 2014, our technical training program has resulted in more than 150 graduates. Dual education is based on integral learning, in which through a combination of theory and practical application, students develop the skills needed to succeed in the workplace.


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