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Pride Journey Outdoors: Funchal City, Madeira island

Known as the “pearl of the Atlantic”, Madeira Island is an autonomous region of Portugal located off the coast of Morocco in the North Atlantic Ocean. Here you can find relax and peace and enjoy the perfect combination between the mountains and the sea. There are many places that you can’t miss visiting in Funchal and plenty of amazing attractions that you’ll always remember.

Less than four hours’ flight from Europe, Madeira is a very popular destination for seniors, located 300 miles west of Morocco, but is increasingly diversifying with low cost flights, bringing new younger visitors to the Island.

Madeira Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful attractions in Funchal, Madeira island. These gardens are located a mile from Funchal city centre. While you visit this place you can appreciate spectacular view over the city and enjoy the visual richness of the flower beds, with more than 2000 species of plants. Many of them are indigenous and there is a section reserved for rare foreign plants. The Botanical Garden also has a Museum of Natural History, and there is a cable car that connects it to Monte.

Monte Toboggan run

Visiting Monte will give you a sense of escaping from the city an entering a world apart. After visiting the gardens, the church and all the surrounding areas, it is time to go down. For this, do not miss the toboggan run experience. This form of transportation was used by aristocrats since 19th century. You’ll sit on a wicker basket and enjoy a 2km ride full of excitement. Two “carreiros” men will drive you smartly dressed with the traditional white costume of Madeira, straw hat and rubber shoes that are used as brakes to control the basket ride.

Imperatriz Dona Amélia St.

With the Savoy Palace on one side and Terreiro restaurant on the other, Imperatriz Dona Amélia street is full of culture and history. Restored in 2018, after the construction of Savoy Palace, this street is becoming one of the new main attractions in Funchal. With a premium location, this street stands out for its natural beauty, where the range of bright colors mixes with green garden areas.

In this recent hub, a new shopping area is about to be born. It will become a trendy area for all lovers of exquisite products and a favorite place to hang out with friends in restaurants and bars inspired in the local traditions and culture. This street, a cozy place that will make you travel in time, cannot be missed. Even if you are just passing by you will feel how special it is.

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