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Step Inside Reno Gold's UTOPIA

25-year-old model Reno Gold is a single guy living in Miami with over 6,000 online boyfriends from around the world. “It’s a lot of work maintaining all of these relationships and keeping everyone satisfied,” he tongue-in-cheek gripes with his patented sly grin.

He’s laughing all the way to the bank. Gold makes close to $100,000 a month; recently surpassing the one-million-dollar mark. “At first, money was the main motivator for my work,” he reflects. “But now I want to go down in history as the best content creator in the second golden era of porn!”

Reno Gold is a one-man operation. He scouts and books locations for each scene, develops engaging new story lines, arranges wardrobe and toys and coordinates with photographers for still shot images. “It’s about quantity and quality,” he affirms, explaining that he posts a new professional quality nude picture every day, a 15 to 20-minute solo scene every week week, and two duo scenes a month.

“It’s not only about my body. My subscribers want someone who genuinely cares and I have built close bonds with many of them. I always respond to every customer with personalized voice recordings and if they tip me, I have a plethora of unreleased nude videos I send as a thank you. I also do a monthly raffle for one lucky fan to win a customized video of me that they get to direct.”

Reno Gold was raised most of his life in Reno, Nevada. Hence his stage name, Reno. (Gold was added because he mistakenly thought Nevada was the gold state. He found out too late that it’s actually the silver state). He remembers it being a happy Christian home with two parents and two older sisters. Gold’s father worked as an appraiser and his mom worked various jobs, mostly at schools as a lunch lady or bus driver. They attended church services every Sunday.

School was tough for Reno. He had learning issues and was held back and put into special education classes. However, he excelled in sports, especially gymnastics, becoming a national champion in tumbling.

At 18, while a senior in high school, he started dancing at strip clubs. After graduating, he worked odd jobs that never lasted long and, on the side, began dabbling in webcamming. “I immediately made more money than I had ever seen before,” he says.

One guy from the website offered to fly Reno to New York City and he accepted. While there, he decided to check out the local strip club scene. He remembers each club being a ghetto makeshift brothel but he made good money doing calls during the day and stripping at night. He thought he would try duplicating it in other cities.

“My entire life at that time became based around sex work,” he recalls. “A stripper is barely scraping by if he’s not escorting. It got to a point where I was basically living in hotel rooms and the only people I saw were other escorts and clients. I was making an insane amount of money but at the end of the day I was lonely and several times, I found myself in dangerously compromising situations.”

He learned how guys from the clubs he worked in were flocking to a new website called Onlyfans so he followed their lead, hopeful the platform might offer him the opportunity to settle down and live a more balanced and safer life.

The page was slow to take off. He eventually realized he’d have to step it up and think outside of the box. The more he focused on the quality of his work and being consistent with content distribution, the more he saw his earnings grow. The page really blew up when he started cross promoting on YouTube and marketing his personality just as much as he was his body.

“On OnlyFans, I post sizzling male on male duo scenes with ​imaginative storylines and funny scripts so my subscribers get a taste of my sense of humor and personality. I also post uncensored demonstration videos on scrotox injections (botox in the scrotum), male douching and manscaping.”

He uses his YouTube channel for PG-rated content, often sharing his likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams. He acknowledges that one of his biggest fears is getting older in the sex industry. He is doing everything he can now to set himself up for the future. “I’m investing in real estate and renting them out,” he explains. “So far, I’ve purchased five properties, all in cash.” He plans to exit the business in six years, when he’s 30. “I want to have enough properties under my belt and just manage them and live off of that.”

In the meantime, he has employed his mother as the manager for his properties and started college funds for his niece and nephew. When not in front of the camera or at his computer editing scenes, he is in front of a canvas. Gold is a surrealist portrait artist. Most of his work is charcoal and graphite. His current project is drawing his most liked nudes from Onlyfans.

He also recently announced that he is stepping into philanthropy, organizing a fundraiser where he pledges to donate a week of his OnlyFans proceeds to the Elton John AIDS foundation.

“Sex work is really no different from any other kind of job in today’s digital age and I’m no different than most other guys in their twenties,” Reno Gold sums up. “I wake up, hit the gym, work all day creating and distributing content, order Uber eats and then wrap it all up with Rick and Morty or some other cartoon before bed.”

The world will see when Reno Gold, Mario Adrion, Jeff Kasser, Carlos Effort, Leo Lemento, Romeo Twink, Sosa Jhons, Supreme Mojib and Valentin Mehinagic check into the Utopia Estate in Isla Mujeres on April 2. All will enjoy total freedom on one of the most magical islands, just a 20-minute ferry off the coast of Cancun, as part of Utopia Open-Air Festival, taking place Friday April 2 through Monday April 5th. In addition to filming new content in their private mansion, the guys will have the opportunity to join the Utopia revelers as they snorkel in turquoise waters and dance on the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Tell me about the process of assembling the 9 influencers who will be sharing the house together? Were you part of the selection process? Utopia offered me this awesome house and it wasn’t hard to fill it with people I’m dying to hang out and shoot with! I reached out and everyone was very excited. Some of us even have professional videographers coming.

Have you done collaborations with any of the other influencers before. Who are you most excited to work together with? I have worked with Carlos, Mario, Jeff, Mojib, and Leo but I can’t wait to create more in depth content with them as well as the new guys! I’m so excited to work with everybody it’s so hard to choose.

Will the content you produce be more focused on interactions at the house or your participation at the Utopia festival? It’s going to be both! I have more than 7 videos planned. I have a YouTube blog of Utopia that will show all the parties and what I got up to at the events as well as life at the content house. The steamier stuff will be on my Onlyfans. It’s really up to the guys I think they are all going to shoot different stuff.

What activities are you looking forward to the most? I cannot wait to dance and form bonds with everyone on the island.

Will fans be able to view the content while you are there (live) or will it be posted at a later date? Everyone will be posting on their stories but my YouTube Vlog will come out around the 15th.

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