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VACAYA goes “all in” with South America in 2024

As VACAYA marks its 5th year of producing all-LGBT+ travel experiences as the first large-scale adults-only all-LGBT+ cruise and resort company, they’re thrilled to announce three unforgettable cruises within South America in 2024. These cruises will take guests on a journey through some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world, including Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Galápagos, and Tierra del Fuego.

VACAYA’s first 2024 South America cruise, from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, sails March 29-April 6, 2024. This eight-night cruise will take guests on a journey from the bustling city of Buenos Aires, through beautiful Uruguay, and onto the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. Along the way, guests will have the opportunity to explore vibrant cultures, beautiful architecture, and stunning landscapes. VACAYA has partnered with Buenos Aires-based LGBT-owned and operated Lunfarda Travel to offer its guests a unique opportunity to walk in the footsteps of LGBT+ Argentinians.

VACAYA’s second 2024 South America-based cruise, a 5-star Galápagos Cruise from Ecuador, will take place May 9-18, 2024. This adventure starts with two nights in Quito, followed by a seven-night luxury cruise through one of the most unique and diverse ecosystems on the planet. Guests will explore eight different islands, with opportunities to see giant tortoises, sea lions, iguanas, and other fascinating wildlife on Silversea’s Silver Origin. Expeditions to Galápagos are among the most coveted bucket list travel destinations on earth for global explorers.

The third 2024 South America cruise is a triumphant return to Antarctica for VACAYA. After making history with the first all-LGBT+ expedition to Antarctica in 2022, VACAYA will once again sail to “The Ice” from Ushuaia, Argentina December 5-16, 2024, giving community members who missed out in 2022 the chance to finally experience the awe and wonder of this magnificent destination. This 11-night expedition cruise with Atlas Ocean Voyages on World Navigator is a journey through one of the most remote and strikingly beautiful regions on earth. Guests will explore the pristine ice-covered landscapes of Antarctica, have the chance to walk among the penguins, and see seals, whales, and other wildlife in their natural habitat. This expedition will cross the Antarctic Circle, providing yet another bucket-list check off for adventurers.

VACAYA Co-founder and CEO Randle Roper shares, “At VACAYA, we believe travel has the power to enrich the LGBT+ community by providing opportunities for exploration, learning, and connection. By taking our guests to places like South America, they get the chance to experience new cultures, learn about different ways of life, and connect with other members of the LGBT+ community from around the world. Since Day 1, VACAYA has been committed to promoting acceptance and inclusion wherever we go, and we believe our cruises are a great way to do just that. We’re excited to build upon the relationships we’ve built all over South America to provide our guests with these true once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.”

Building upon their relationships with Buenos Aires-based Gustavo Noguera and Pablo De Luca of Argentina’s LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce (Cámara de Comercio LGBTQ Argentina), VACAYA has bet big on South America in 2024 with these three vacation events spanning the 4 corners of the continent. Pablo De Luca shares regarding Argentina, “We are very proud to work hand-in-hand with VACAYA, and we celebrate their decision to once again choose Argentina and its destinations that welcome the international LGBTQ+ community. We’re confident their two new Argentinian experiences will be unforgettable. We await their arrival with open arms!”

VACAYA Co-founder and CMO Patrick Gunn adds, “Traveling to South America is relatively easy with many direct flights from all major cities, and we know South America delivers endless WOWs. Each and every program we’ve conducted in South America has been among the most well received and highly rated trips for VACAYA to date. So, supporting the continent’s DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) efforts is a no-brainer for us. Beautiful destinations with beautiful people with beautiful souls is exactly the type of energy we embrace enthusiastically at VACAYA.”

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