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What's New in Sedona, Arizona?

Sky Rock Inn was created with one goal in mind: that all who visit take a piece of Sedona’s enchanting spirit with them and return home feeling uplifted, invigorated and connected. More than simply a place to rest your head, Sky Rock is a wholly-immersive experience that greets you with a warm welcome and gives you inspirational, panoramic views of the vibrant Sedona landscape. The hotel was just awarded best Hotel Value in the 2020 Gay Travel Awards! The awards are now in its fifth year and they strive to recognize distinguished businesses and organizations that support diversity and inclusiveness, while improving their amenities, service and safety protocols.

Sky Rock Inn is an invigorating independent boutique hotel, recently renovated with a spectacular view of the red rocks.

Things to do in Sedona:

The destination has been encouraging people to check out the hidden gems of Sedona by visiting the webpage, Sedona’s Secret 7, where it offers so many unique things to do from hiking, biking, stargazing, gallery shopping and more!

In addition, check out the Sedona Trail Finder where people can select options that fit their needs and a hike is curated for them!

The city hopes all visitors take the Sedona Cares Pledge before visiting so they can learn more about the beautiful area and how to preserve it for generations to come.


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