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What's New in St. Lucia?

A year-long pandemic is enough to leave most of us one Zoom and home haircut away from going completely insane! For those craving some ‘me’ time in one of the world’s most incredible natural environments, there’s no better place to spend it than inside one of the stunning sanctuaries at Jade Mountain, St. Lucia, which come equipped with en-suite infinity pools, sweeping views, and private butlers who’ll do everything from pop your Champagne to scale the 2,619-foot Gros Piton mountain with you. The iconic five-star island resort just launched a Singlemoon Package designed for the solo traveler who just needs a break from it all. It includes customized meal plans, a spa day, meditation, yoga, and Ayurvedic healing consultations, plus the opportunity to learn to scuba dive, mountain bike, make chocolate, and more.


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