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Album Review: Kylie Minogue - DISCO

One word...EPIC! That is the best way I can describe Kylie Minogue's latest album DISCO, a collection of dancefloor bangers not heard since Madonna's Confession of a Dancefloor. Madonna and Kylie have been the reigning queens of pop everywhere in the world, except the United States, where Kylie hasn't received the credit she deserves. That may all change with DISCO.

The album opens with "Magic", a catchy tune that will have you asking your friends, "do you believe in magic?' The album is called DISCO, but incorporates many different dance music styles in addition to traditional disco. There are elements of EDM sprinkled throughout the album which will surely become a favorite among the LGBTQ community. In fact, DISCO may very well be the gayest album of the decade (yes, I know we are only 11 months in). Kylie is known for experimenting with different sounds and not sticking to one lane. Case in point, 2018's country music inspired Golden.

DISCO kicks into high gear with "Monday Blues" which is followed up with the futuristic sounding "Supernova" which draws a bit from past album Light Years mixed with a bit of in your face club thumping song "Skirt".

"Say Something", the album's first single is next up and helped springboard DISCO to the public, even though it may be the least disco-sounding song on the album. A new version with a choir was recently released and is bone chillingly beautiful.

May favorite track is "Last Chance", an absolutely pop/disco smash that is everything I've ever asked for in a song. Start to finish you will truly experience a jaw dropping moment and turn up the volume until your neighbors ears bleed.

We're only half way through DISCO and Kylie has already taken you on a rainbow carpet ride of musical greatness. "I Love It" (current single), "Where Does the DJ Go", "Dance Floor Darling" and "Unstoppable" keep the party going all leading up to the album's closing track "Celebrate You," an anthem in the making.

Kylie opened up to Apple Music's Zane Lowe about the upcoming DISCO tour which will feature "the largest disco ball in the world". The hard part will be trying to figure out which of these masterpieces to incorporate into her live performance which will surely feature dozens of her other hits including "All the Lovers", "Can't Get You Outta My Head", "Spinning Around" and "Slow".

For years, Kylie has been an icon in the LGBTQ community. Although she has achieved moderate success in the United States, she is a goddess overseas, playing Sydney's Mardi Gras (LGBT festival) and most recently Glastonbury where she drew the largest viewership in the history of the festival.

Donna Summer would be so proud of this album.

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