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Embracing Wellness at Rancho Pescadero in Mexico

Taking conscious travel to a whole new level, the new Rancho Pescadero is a 5-star resort that just opened its doors in December. The former 12-room hotel has been transformed into a sprawling 30-acre oceanfront oasis, with culinary and wellness concepts driven by nature and experiences that highlight the local culture of the small fishing village of El Pescadero. The luxury property is the latest from Hyatt’s Unbound Collection and a member of Virtuoso.

Integrating the concept of wellbeing with the intelligence of nature, the resort’s 25,000 square foot spa redefines the concept of traditional wellness by treating health as a state of mind and encouraging its guests to explore, discover and create their own path while connecting with nature and its healing properties. From a game of pickleball to a meditation class to bring you back to the present, wellness is a core part of the Rancho Pescadero experience.

The Botánica Spa is home to its very own apothecary, where guests can forage for herbs in the gardens to create a personal potion to be used in treatments rendered in cozy outdoor nests, or float in a hydrotherapy circuit with an ice fountain to relax and rejuvenate. Wake up with sunrise yoga, take a lap in the Semi-olympic sized pool or find all you could need at the Reformer Pilates studio and indoor/outdoor gym.

A wide array of experiences are designed to intuitively guide guests as they discover various aspects of Baja California Sur, its environment, vibrant community and rich traditions. Take for example, the resort’s Hangover Experience — a ritual where guests imbibe, then participate in the ceremonial unearthing of fresh barbacoa meat that’s been left to cook overnight.

This adults-only resort with a sustainable mission honors and preserves the innate beauty of Baja, and has plans to be completely sustainable with solar power in 2-3 years. See more at

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Emily Florence
Emily Florence
Feb 17, 2023

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