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Getting to Know OnlyFans Creators Bryson Kyle and Matthew Jeffers

Matthew Jeffers has seemed to find his calling. After years of struggling through unexciting jobs, Matthew decided to join OnlyFans as a creator in February of 2021. Within 8 months’ time, he went on to attract over 350 followers and build a business that in his words made him feel “middle class.” But he had some help along the way, friend, and mentor Bryson Kyle.

“I saw all these guys on TikTok, and they were showing off their OnlyFans profiles,” Matthew tells us. “I made mine free originally and shared it on TikTok. I just wanted to show people that I was just as creative as they were. I started to get serious about OnlyFans because of Bryson. When I had the opportunity to fly to Phoenix to do adult content with him, I realized there was money in it.”

The story is similar for Bryson. He amassed a large following on TikTok, and it was his fans that requested that he start an OnlyFans. However, Bryson mentions that TikTok would shadow ban him and was biased towards his content because he is male.

Speaking of bans, OnlyFans creators have had to deal with a lot of negative reactions from friends, family, and social media followers. In the early days of the site, having an OnlyFans was viewed as negative, but recently it has evolved to include all kinds of content creators from artists to musicians and dancers.

“I never felt like I was being judged for having an OnlyFans,” states Matthew. “I think people expected me to do something like this. It seems to come naturally for me. OnlyFans allowed me to discover and grow. People are getting to know the real me.”

Bryson, a gender fluid male, initially had to face harsh criticism after starting his profile. “I felt like I was being judged and pictured as a “gay baiter,” but it didn’t bother me because I put out stuff with other men on my OF. There are a lot of trolls out there. I don’t label my sexuality and I am curious and willing to branch out.”

Both Bryson and Matthew have had similar experiences when it comes to the growth of their pages. “I started to seriously start building my profile in June and it pretty much took off overnight,” Matthew mentions. “My subscription was free up until June and I’m now in the Top 3 percent of creators. I was in the right place at the right time and am happy to ride the wave of success with other creators.” They both credit TikTok and Instagram for helping them promote their business.

Interestingly, the friends agree that their fans enjoy and engage with their photos more than video content, although the nature of their content evolved over time. When reflecting on his business, Bryson says, “I wouldn’t do anything different. I made my TikTok fans wait a bit and then started an OnlyFans and slowly got more ballsy with my content and friends.”

Matthew recently began going live on Instagram during his daily shower time, something he is calling “shower live streams.” They have been growing in popularity and since they are live, fans get to interact with him in real time.

OnlyFans has been life changing for both Bryson and Matthew, giving them opportunities they never thought they would have. “It has helped me start up multiple businesses that weren’t possible without it,” Bryson states. “I don’t need to work anymore. It did/does take a toll on your mental health though, so you need to stay strong.” Matthew echoes the sentiment. “OnlyFans let me be who I am. I’m so happy right now in my life. I have a lot of creator friends and there is a sense of community that I never felt before.”

To get to know Bryson and Matthew, check out their OnlyFans profiles:

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Matthew Jeffers
Matthew Jeffers
Jan 27, 2022

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