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Kalon Surf's Resort Has Been Awarded Five Stars

Kalon Surf, an all inclusive luxurious surf resort has recently been named a five-star resort by the Costa Rican government in accordance with international standards. Located in the southern part of Costa Rica where there is a perfect mix of beaches, jungles and mountains, Kalon Surf has been a premiere travel destination for anyone looking for a combination of adventure and rejuvenation. The announcement of its five-star status has only further confirmed its reputation as a top-tier resort, making it a must-see destination for all travelers.

After proudly receiving four stars amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Kalon embraced the challenges brought forth by such an uncertain time period and worked towards crafting the perfect, dreamy escape. By adding diverse amenities, lavish junior suites, an elegant villa and an overall increase of operations, Kalon redefined its guest experience while transforming the hospitality industry. This revolutionizing journey led it to its well-deserved five-star accolade.

The Kalon Surf experience ensures all guests achieve pure bliss. With a seven night all-inclusive stay, Kalon creates a holistic vacation experience for everyone. Offering surf lessons, yoga, pilates, massages, nature tours and other activities that nurture the mind, body and soul, this resort is dedicated to helping guests find balance and harmony.

Not only can guests relax and recharge, they are also immersed in the beautiful Costa Rican culture. From the stunning scenery to the gourmet cuisine, guests can experience the customs and traditions that set Kalon apart from other destinations.

The diversity of Kalon Surf and what it represents earned it this supreme ranking. With its ocean views, proximity to the breathtaking atmosphere of the jungle and abundance of activities and amenities, Kalon truly encompasses the meaning of paradise. Rich in culture and committed to elevating travel experiences, Kalon has made a name for itself as a trailblazing company that takes pride in giving guests a place to escape from the busyness of life and into complete tranquility.

It is no surprise that Kalon was rated five stars. Offering five days of surf lessons, airport transfers, coffee tastings, cooking classes and much more, it takes the meaning of “treat yourself” to the next level.

Kalon was founded in 2011 by Kjeld Schigt alongside his wife, Silene Vega Delgado. As someone who lived all over the world working for multinational companies, Schigt created Kalon as a resort that encompassed the beauties of traveling and experiencing different cultures, while also enriching the community of Costa Rica. As Kalon continues to grow, it surpasses expectations making it an ever-evolving luxury resort.

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