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misterb&b Releases Powerful Video of LGBTQ+ Elders Triumphing at "Silver Pride"

misterb&b, the world's largest LGBTQ+ travel community, is proud to share its Silver Pride initiative, a groundbreaking movement aimed at making this year's Gay Pride more inclusive than ever by including LGBTQ+ seniors in the celebration. From the comfort of balconies and windows overlooking the Paris Pride parade, LGBTQ+ seniors were able to participate in the celebrations like never before. WATCH the video.

Every year, Pride parades and marches unite millions worldwide, creating an atmosphere of celebration and unity. Yet, the senior segment of the LGBTQ+ community–the “silver generation”–remains overlooked during present-day Pride parades, with challenges such as long distances, overcrowded spaces, extreme weather conditions, and high noise levels often rendering them inaccessible to senior citizens.

“We aim to make these celebrations of inclusivity, inclusive for all generations,” says misterb&b founder, Matthieu Jost

In partnership with Les Audacieuses et Les Audacieux, a non-profit organization for LGBTQ+ seniors without family support, misterb&b is offering a selection of accommodations along the routes of three prominent 2023 gay Pride parades, including the recent march in Paris, for older LGBTQ+ individuals to partake in the joyous spirit of Gay Pride.

misterb&b will offer LGBTQ+ seniors more opportunities to celebrate on September 16, 2023, in Valletta for Europride in Malta and on October 15, 2023, in Atlanta, GA (USA). These specially chosen listings will serve as a meeting place for LGBTQ+ seniors, a demographic plagued by severe social isolation, allowing them to once again participate in Pride festivities with their community.

“We must never forget the shoulders upon which we stand as a community. It is imperative that we honor and include the older generation of LGBTQ+ individuals, acknowledging their remarkable contributions and the battles they fought to pave the way for our rights today,” says Jost.

To further symbolize its commitment to inclusivity, misterb&b has introduced a new color to the Progress Pride Flag: silver.

This addition serves as a powerful tribute to the senior generation of LGBTQ+ individuals and honors their lifelong activism. It is a recognition of their immense contributions to the LGBTQ+ community and a reminder that their voices deserve to be heard.

misterb&b believes that everyone, regardless of age, should have the opportunity to embrace the spirit of Gay Pride and feel a sense of belonging. Through Silver Pride, misterb&b strives to create an environment where LGBTQ+ seniors can come together, share their stories, and be celebrated.

LGBTQ+ seniors interested in participating in these special events in Valletta and Atlanta can register at


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