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Orbitz Becomes the Newest IGLTA Global Partner

Orbitz recently joined the elite group of brands that are global partners of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association, committing year-round support for the association and LGBTQ+ welcoming travel.

Orbitz’s partnership with IGLTA is part of the travel site’s reaffirmation of its long-standing commitment to inclusive travel. Twenty years after launching their first LGBTQ+ print ad encouraging travelers to “see the world on your terms,” Orbitz is debuting a new ad campaign and call to action for LGBTQ+ travelers as the travel industry readies for a comeback.

The campaign, “Travel As You Are,” invites all people to travel on their own terms, not the ones society created for them. A short brand film and new manifesto premieres on Orbitz’s LGBTQ+ travel microsite today.

"Having an online travel agency like Orbitz as a partner is important because it amplifies our work to promote safety and equality for LGBTQ+ travelers,” says IGLTA President/CEO John Tanzella. “For LGBTQ+ travelers and so many other communities, feeling safe and accepted is still the exception rather than the norm. Now more than ever, our industry needs to step up its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts and help rebuild travel in a way that makes everyone feel invited to explore the world."

Visionary LGBTQ+ photographer and director Cass Bird—known for her work with celebs including The Obamas, Jay-Z and Gigi Hadid—directed Travel As You Are, which features LGBTQ+ couples, friends and talent. Underpinning the creative is the musical anthem “You Don’t Own Me,” as recorded by rising indie music artist serpentwithfeet, aka Josiah Young. Young is the first Black male LGBTQ+ artist to re-record Lesley Gore’s feminist classic.

After a year without travel, Orbitz’s new campaign envisions a world post-COVID 19 where queer travelers are celebrated and welcomed. “This is an exciting new chapter for Orbitz as we invest in products that will create impact for and spur change in the industry,” says Orbitz Brand Director Carey Malloy.


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