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Pasta Life Pasta Straws Donate to Ocean Conservancy

Pasta Life has created the first eco-friendly, gluten-free pasta drinking straw to put an end to plastic straw pollution. It comes in a variety of colors, three sizes and lasts 40+ minutes in a cold drink - eliminating the mess of paper straws and helping eliminate plastic waste. Better yet, it works in cocktails, mocktails, iced coffee, smoothies and toddler-sized cups. Quickly gaining popularity at bars nationwide, they are now directly available to consumers.

Additionally, Pasta Life just launched a reusable mask + straw combo package in response to the increased amount of PPE equipment being discarded and making its way to our oceans.

A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to Ocean Conservancy, an organization who, for the last 30 years, has mobilized volunteers worldwide to pick up more than 340 million pounds of trash along our shores.

Visit for more info or to purchase.

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