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Pride Journey Property Spotlight: Champlin's Marina & Resort, Block Island, Rhode Island

Situated on Block Island’s beautiful Great Salt Pond, Champlin’s is one of New England’s finest and largest resorts and marinas. Champlin’s is a self-contained 46-room resort that blends family atmosphere with a casual and relaxing environment that the entire family will enjoy. With a 30′ harbor depth and spacious docking facilities, deep draft ocean going yachts up to 250′ feet can be accommodated at this former WWII U.S. Naval Base. Champlin's is currently undergoing a property-wide renovation, which will be completed to start this 2021 summer season on May 14, 2021.

Block Island is known for its 17-miles of pristine beaches, two historic lighthouses, and Mohegan Bluffs almost 150-feet tall – all surrounded by rolling roads and winding paths – and the island is considered a “hidden gem.” Block Island hosts a bevy of isolated sandy strands and beaches, which are quiet and undisturbed. The area is teeming with flora & fauna as well as migratory songbirds, who come when the season permits, and frolicking deer. Must-do activities on Block island include checking out the views at Mohegan Bluffs, swimming at Mansion Beach, exploring the island on bicycle or electric scooter, exploring the Old Harbor Historic District, climbing the island's two historic lighthouses, and walking the island's 30 miles of hiking trails. Block Island features over 50 shops and art galleries, many of which source craft and oeuvres from local artists. Visitors can access the island via helicopter or New England Airlines flight, or they can take ferries from mainland Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut.

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