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Pride Journey: Wine Time

Whether you are preparing a holiday meal or looking for the perfect sipping wine, Séptima Obra Malbec will instantly spark joy in your life this season.

A luscious and balanced red with aromas of blackberries, mulberry, plum jam, and dark chocolate that pairs exquisitely with grilled lean meats, pasta with tomato sauce, and semi-hard cheese, Séptima Obra Malbec is the perfect fall-weather sipping wine. Paula Borgo, Séptima Head Winemaker, is spearheading the vineyard’s efforts to cultivate diversity through their prized wines – Gran Reserva, Obra Malbec, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon. Paula explores new viticulture practices and innovations to further develop the quality and consistency of the Bodega Séptima portfolio. The vineyards are farmed sustainably with a vision for future generations. The name Bodega Séptima, meaning “seventh,” is Codorniu-Ravento's seventh winery in the portfolio.

This 100% Malbec is bright deep-red with aromas of red and blackberries blended with notes of coconut and vanilla resulting from aging in oak barrels. This Malbec is aromatic and sensual with great acidity and round tannins.


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