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WE PARTY to Host First Event in Malta During EuroPride 2023

The legendary, Madrid-born WE Party group will be making their debut in Malta during EuroPride 2023, taking place between the 7th and the 17th of September. The Grand Main party will be held on the 16th of September at Sky Club, Paceville, following the EuroPride March and concert in Valletta.

Partygoers will be treated to the electrifying beats of international Circuit style DJ Rafha! Madrid, who will be headlining the event. With a theme inspired by WE Party's signature 'Magic Planet,' this party promises to be out of this world with impressive light shows, dancers and many more surprises on the agenda.

Since launching in 2009, WE Party rose to fame among the LGBTIQ community, hosting over 70 parties all over the world every year as part of their international tours. The group has also launched two festivals which attract thousands of attendees each year.

The Grand Main party is being organised by Malta Pride Experiences, the official travel partner for EuroPride 2023.

"We're thrilled to be bringing WE Party to Malta for the first time," says Mary Grace Lynch, event Manager at Malta Pride Experiences. "WE Party is known for their incredible parties around the world, and we're excited to see them take EuroPride 2023 to the next level."

Early bird tickets for the Grand Main WE Party are available for EUR 35, until the 31st of May, after which prices will be increased, Tickets can be purchased from Showshappening through the following link:


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