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Why must Singles pay double for Cruises?

Single and solo travelers have long resented the “single supplement” (double charge) for not having a travel companion on cruises. The cruise lines say there’s good reason for it. But, that doesn’t help the solo traveler from feeling taken advantage of by those cruise lines.

To understand cruise line pricing for singles, let’s look at hotel pricing—a model most people know and accept. Hotels determine how much revenue they need from each room for the night. They advertise a price that covers the room regardless of one or two guests. If Mario stays there alone, his total bill for the night is $180. If Patrick and Tim stay together in the room next to Mario, their total bill for the night is also $180. No one seems bothered that on a per-person basis, Patrick and Tim each paid only $90, while Mario had to pay $180.

On cruises, most guests go with someone. In fact, less than 5% travel solo. Since the cruise lines know the vast majority of their guests travel in pairs, they leverage that fact in their advertising. If the line must charge $1300 for a cabin, “$650/person/double occupancy” sounds better than “$1300/cabin.” When the solo passenger goes to book that $650 fare, he’s told the cabin will cost $1300—the same as what the couple next door is paying. While this is just like his experience at the hotel, somehow he feels cheated.

Now, it’s true that the solo guest consumes less food, and dirties fewer towels than the pair in the room next door. BUT he will also gamble less, buy fewer drinks, shop less on board, buy fewer photos, and go on fewer excursions by himself than that pair next door. The cruise line’s remarkably low base fares depend on their guests racking up those additional charges—which is where the line makes its real profit.

So what’s a single cruiser to do? Enter travel apps, travel agents and even the cruise lines themselves, all offering to help the single passenger find a suitable roommate to help keep his costs down. But he must then hope that his roommate won’t steal, smoke (or not smoke!), snore, or have any number of annoying habits that may ruin his vacation!

For the gay single traveler, there’s another way. Daddy Cruises® finds great cruise itineraries that are so low priced, even with the dreaded “single supplement,” they’re still affordable—full sized cabins for under $1,000! They gather like-minded single travelers to sail together, save together, and have a blast together. It’s an annual thing. Their next cruise is later this year, from Los Angeles to Baja California. Click here for more details.

Oh, and just to be clear, friends and couples are always welcome, too!

Daddy Cruises® is a gay owned travel business specializing in welcoming gay group cruises and tours. 614-799-1390

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