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ETC, IGLTA and VISITFLANDERS explore the potential of LGBTQ travel in Europe

On June 21, 2018, the European Travel Commission (ETC), the Flemish tourist board VISITFLANDERS and the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA) will host the Educational Forum on LGBTQ Tourism. The event aims at advancing knowledge on LGBTQ tourism in Europe, discussing the status quo of Europe as a safe and welcoming destination for LGBTQ tourists, investigating new ways to strengthen the region’s attractiveness as a LGBTQ-friendly destination, and understanding the future evolution of LGBTQ travel. By recognizing the economic and social significance of LGBTQ tourism, tourism businesses and destinations can become a catalyst of change in advancing and tackling social and civil issues of the LGBTQ community and improving the lives of LGBTQ residents and travellers in Europe. The forum will create a space to share knowledge and best practices and to increase social responsibility in the sector; it will provide destinations and businesses with insights and tools to understand and cater for LGBTQ travellers, to build inclusive offers that respond to the true diversity of the segment, and to become ambassadors for human rights and promoters of inclusive policy development. The discussion will be supported by the new ETC and IGLTA Foundation joint research project on LGBTQ tourism in Europe, which focuses on the current state, prospects and opportunities of LGBTQ tourism in Europe, in view of worldwide trends and expected evolution. Findings from the report will be presented during the conference by its author, Peter Jordan. The report results will provide a framework and support for the forum conversation. The Forum will take place at the Hilton Brussels Grand Place and will be hosted by Robert Davershot. The event will gather tourism businesses, destination tourism boards on national, regional and local levels, leading global organisations, human rights NGOs and EU policy makers. Speakers include Piet De Bruyn, the Council of Europe; Peter De Wilde, President ETC and CEO VISITFLANDERS; Thomas Bachinger, Vienna Tourism Board; Mattej Valencic, Pink Week Slovenia; and Mateo Asensio, Turisme de Barcelona, among others. The program will continue the day after, 22 June, with a technical visit that will provide insight on the current and prospective tourist offerings dedicated to LGBTQ tourists in Brussels. A guided tour of downtown Brussels and the Rainbow Village will finish with a light lunch at Mothers and Daughters pop-up lesbian bar in the city centre. Registration is free of charge and open to all at

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