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Introducing Rainbow Index: The Ultimate Global Guide and Travel Platform for LGBTQ Explorers

Brace yourselves, fellow adventurers, because Rainbow Index is here to revolutionize the way LGBTQ+ travelers explore the world! Bursting onto the scene like a glitter-filled parade, this groundbreaking online travel platform is ready to rock your rainbow socks off.

Rainbow Index isn't just any old gay travel guide—it's your fabulous companion on a journey of empowerment, knowledge, and activism. The new travel site is here to equip the LGBTQ+ community with all the tools they need to conquer the globe and make a difference while doing it!

Founded by the dynamic duo of globetrotters, Alexander Bryan and Nathan Callahan, Rainbow Index is more than just a pretty face. With over 1,500 reviews of mind-blowing venues and 500+ thrilling events from 125+ cities around the world, we're the ultimate authority on LGBTQ+ travel. The user-friendly interface and carefully curated content make exploring a breeze, ensuring you find the most exciting LGBTQ+ friendly bars, clubs, restaurants, and exhibits out there.

Rainbow Index, has built a sanctuary for LGBTQ+ travelers and their allies, a safe space bursting with inclusivity and warmth. No discrimination, harassment, or hate speech allowed! Reviews come straight from kindred spirits who know exactly what you're looking for, helping to create the Rainbow Meter—a color guide connected to a unique algorithm to show you what’s hot and what’s not!

The Rainbow Index is committed to offering a one-stop destination for a wide range of LGBTQ+ related topics including:

- Live Rating System (Rainbow Meter): An interactive rating system that helps LGBTQ+ travelers find the perfect atmosphere and vibe for their trip in real time. Users can view ratings for cities, venues, or events to quickly surface exceptional places or experiences.

- Events and Activism: Users have access to an up-to-date database of pride events and festivals around the world, which are major highlights for the LGBTQ+ community and an integral part of the community’s fight for equality and visibility.

- Resources and Support: Users are able to access LGBTQ+ centers, resources and support organizations that will help them feel supported and safe while traveling.

Co-Founder Alexander Bryan shares the mission best: “Our goal with Rainbow Index is to provide a digital hub that aims to uplight the LGBTQ+ community worldwide and serve as a catalyst for positive change."

And Co-Founder Nathan Callahan adds, "In a world where acceptance and equality are still battles we fight, knowledge, support, and connection are our secret weapons. Rainbow Index invites all individuals, organizations, and allies to join us in creating a more inclusive community."

To celebrate the global launch on International LGBTQ+ Pride Day (and the anniversary of the legendary Stonewall Uprising), they are granting exclusive access to premium content and features. Get ready to be blown away, darlings! Visit now at, where all roads lead to roam.


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