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Italy to Welcome IGLTA in 2022

Travel brands interested in the LGBTQ+ market will meet in Italy in October, 2022, for the 38th edition of the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association (IGLTA) convention, the premier educational and networking event for LGBTQ+ tourism. The official convention dates will be announced by the Italian National Tourism Board (ENIT) later this week during IGLTA’s 2021 convention in Atlanta, GA. This is the first time Italy will host this global event.

“ENIT is proud to partner with IGLTA and bring the 2022 convention to Italy,” said Caterina Orlando, ENIT’s Manager for the US and Mexico. “The IGLTA convention brings together LGBTQ+ welcoming travel suppliers, buyers and media. Not only does this support business, but it also promotes diversity and equality in travel, values that ENIT fully supports.

Italy is a dream destination for LGBTQ+ visitors and we look forward to sharing our unique cultural heritage, breathtaking nature, rich history, and of course, our world-famous food and drink.” For ENIT, the LGBTQ+ market is a priority, offering new opportunities for the local travel industry. To support these efforts, ENIT recently committed to participating in a new Diversity and Inclusion Protocol. Created by the travel company Sonders & Beach in partnership with the Italian Gay & Lesbian Tourism Association (AITGL), this protocol promotes an open and welcoming tourism industry in Italy. Accredited tourism partners are audited to ensure that their staff has undertaken diversity and LGBTQ+ inclusiveness training and given a QueerVadis Approved designation. Visitors to Italy who are searching for QueerVadis Approved hospitality businesses will find them here. This protocol, along with LGBTQ+ marketing efforts, are a joint effort by all partners to highlight Italy as an LGBTQ+ welcoming destination.

To promote the 2022 IGLTA convention in Italy, QMagazine, an Italian LGBTQ+ publication by Quiiky (the Sonders and Beach LGBTQ+ tour operator), has created a special English edition that will be distributed at this week’s 2021 IGLTA convention in Atlanta, GA. The magazine is a perfect companion piece to the newly launched English language website, also from Quiiky, highlighting LGBTQ+ Italy. Both are invaluable resources for LGBTQ+ visitors who want to learn more about travel to Italy.

Milan was originally scheduled to host the convention in May, 2020, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Presented by IGLTA in collaboration with ENIT, the city of Milan, AITGL and the travel company Sonders&Beach, this extra time has given organizers the opportunity to prepare an even more exciting and welcoming event for the global travel industry. Education sessions, industry training, networking and volunteering will be the heart of the event, highlighting Italy as a welcoming and hospitable destination for all. Alessio Virgili, head of the local IGLTA convention committee, President of AITGL and CEO Sonders&Beach Group, sees these efforts as key to moving forward in our new travel world.

“Thanks to the IGLTA convention, our partnership with ENIT is stronger than ever. Promoting LGBTQ+ travel and hosting this event are unique opportunities for Italy and will represent learning and business opportunities for our local travel industry.”


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