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Joey Suarez Releases TikTok-Inspired Album THE SHUFFLEZ

EDM musician Joey Suarez has released his much-anticipated album, The Shufflez, a collection of short songs and remixes inspired by social media app TikTok and other short-form video platforms. “Social media inspired me so much through dance that I am dedicating almost every song on this album to the dance music,” states Suarez. “Having met some of my most engaging followers on social media, I decided to create music for exactly those who felt like me.”

The Shufflez was produced by fellow LGBTQ musician Jaki Nelson with KALIPZO featured on “Polly Pocket”. With most live events cancelled and clubs at limited capacity, the album is meant to be heard in its entirety on social media and will not be limited by the landscape of live music. “I am hoping to inspire and engage all of my followers by creating music specifically for those who feel antsy at home and need something to dance or create to. I really hope this music does just that!”

The nature of these songs are very short, so most of the recording processes were different than traditional songs. “I had the honor of co-producing this album with a production genius named Jaki Nelson, who single handedly produced these tracks in a matter of hours once we came up with the idea. All done from her house.”

For more information, to listen to The Shufflez and to view Joey Suarez’s new merchandise line, please visit


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