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Non Alcoholic Wines Worth A Try

Freixenet is thrilled to announce the launch of Alcohol-Removed Sparkling White and Rosé, a disruptive innovation that combines the trending low- and no-alcohol and sparkling wine segments to address consumer need for a product that’s 0% Alcohol*, 100% Celebration. Freixenet Alcohol-Removed Sparkling White and Rosé are produced in the Penedès DO of Spain, which is also home to Freixenet’s #1 Cava worldwide. The result is two fresh, fruit-forward sparkling wines containing 0.00-0.05% alcohol that cater to the health- and wellness-conscious consumer and can be enjoyed at any moment.

Win Organic Non-Alcoholic wines from Spain are produced from wine made with 100% Organically Grown Grapes. Win Alcohol-free wines are made with 93% alcohol-removed wine from classic Spanish organic grape varieties to produce Spanish White Win Verdejo, Sparkling Verdejo, and Spanish Red Tempranillo. Win alcohol-removed wines contain less than .5% ABV, and are fully natural, coming from organic vineyards in the prestigious Duero Valley in Spain. Using proprietary, non-chemical techniques, the Win-makers have retained the flavors, aromas and primary characteristics of the original wine. The Win line of non-alcoholic wines is produced by Sin Alcohol, utilizing wines of Bodegas Familiares Matarromera (producers of our Granza wines).

Codorníu has the oldest winemaking history of Spain, dating back to 1551 with Jaume Codorníu and his family and encompassing 18 generations. A leader for quality Spanish still and sparkling wines, Codorníu captures the rich essence of the winemaking tradition and the innovative spirit that has turned them into a respected world leader in viticulture and oenological knowledge. The Codorníu Zero Brut Alcohol Free is a delicious alcohol-free sparkling wine obtained by dealcoholizing. A shiny pale yellow with fine bubbles, fresh citrus flavors, and tropical fruit combines perfectly with any occasion that requires an alternative pleasure—fine bubble, fruity character, and harmonious. Codorníu Zero is not only a perfect toast but a great accompaniment to appetizers, seafood, salads with fruits or flowers, fish and vegetables, crudités, or desserts.

*Wines listed above contain less than 0.05% alcohol.


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