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Pride Journeys Ecotourism: United Kingdom

Although Americans may not be able to travel to Europe at the moment, now may be the perfect time to think about exploring the UK next year to participate in a wonderful ecotourism adventure.


Wheatland Farm is a tranquil haven of 21 acres managed for Devon’s wildlife and your low carbon holiday. The farm has just 5 places to stay, with an absolute maximum of 26 guests, and has twice won Visit England’s top award for sustainable tourism. Because we’re not a conventional farm there’s plenty of space for you: you’ll find Hot Tubs, boats on the biggest pond, mown paths through the meadows, benches with views, campfire spots, an outdoor chess table and badminton lawn, fishing, room for the kids to run off some energy, free bikes to borrow.


The Art of Bushcraft & Woodlore

Wild Spirit Bushcraft courses are designed to give you the knowledge to survive in the wilderness by instilling ancient Woodlore’s most fundamental skills. You encounter plenty of hands on experience to back it up.

Conducted in a woodland environment our syllabus will equip you with a wide range of useful topics techniques some of which are listed; Safety in the woods and safe usage of cutting tools, friction fire lighting, shelter building. water purification, wild food, natural orientation and navigation, tree identification plant and fungi, cooking, implements constructed from natural resources. Wild Spirit instructors teach a wide range of topics, on our specialized courses you will have the opportunity to make:

  • Spoons, ladles, pots from wood

  • Clothing out of animal fur

  • Hunting implements such as bone tools, bow and flint arrows

  • Fish and animal traps

  • Rope

  • Making glue from resins

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