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Pride Journeys Property Spotlight: Marine Biologist-Led Enviro Tours at Playa Largo Resort & Spa

Celebrate this Earth Day with a stay at one of the Florida Keys' most eco-friendly resorts, Playa Largo Resort & Spa, an Autograph Collection Hotel. The perfect jumping off point for exploring Key Largo's natural ecosystem, Playa Largo sits on 14 pristine beachfront acres along mile marker 97, the former site of America's largest pineapple farm. While lounging in one of the resort's beachside tripod hammocks is sure to waste a few hours, nature lovers will want to set aside time for an Enviro Tour. This eco-excursion ($325+ for up to six people) includes a three-hour ride aboard a 17-foot rib boat designed to navigate the shallow waters of the Florida Bay. Narrated by Playa Largo's on-property environmentalist, guests will zip & weave through the Florida mangroves while making stops along the way to learn about the Key's native wildlife and exotic bird species. If they're lucky, a manatee sighting might be in the cards as well. Once back on-property, guests can rent a beach cruiser for a leisurely ride up US-1, take out a stand-up paddleboard, or explore the resort's winding nature trails. The path is shaded by native gumbo limbo trees, sea grape trees, butterfly palms and buttonwood, while the Florida critters guests may spot run the gamut of iguanas and Florida tree snails, to stingrays, butterflies and ibises.

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