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VACAYA launches innovative LGBT+ vacation2021 PTOWN SUMMER JAMBOREE

VACAYA is partnering with Provincetown June 14-20, 2021 for a first-of-its-kind SUMMER JAMBOREE! This fabulous 6-night “Best of Ptown” vacation package has been crafted for both seasoned Provincetown travelers and newbies alike – each and every moment carefully curated by VACAYA to build memories that’ll last a lifetime. VACAYA’s taking over multiple hotels, including Boatslip, Pilgrim House, Crown & Anchor, and Crowne Pointe, theaters, nightclubs, beaches, and providing VIP access to the city’s world-famous Tea Dances! Altogether, this will deliver a VIP package the LGBT+ community won’t want to miss!


• 6 Nights Hotel, including Daily Breakfast

• Signature Activities

• Entertainment at Local Theaters

• Exclusive Excursions

• World-Famous Ptown Tea Dances

• Discounts at Shops, Bars, & Restaurants

• And so much more! All at ONE LOW PRICE!

VACAYA cofounder Randle Roper shared, “Those new to Provincetown will quickly understand why it’s affectionately been titled, ‘The Gayest Town in America.’ With its beaches, artists, and its status as a perfect vacation destination for the LGBT+ community, we’re thrilled to continue taking our guests to exciting destinations that’ve never been available to them within the world of full-hotel LGBT+ buyouts.”

VACAYA cofounder Patrick Gunn adds, “One of VACAYA’s missions is to offer our guests the opportunity to give back to the communities we visit through our ReachOUT program. During the Ptown Summer Jamboree, we’ll focus our efforts on supporting local LGBT+ businesses by patronizing 30 or more of them in the execution of this event. Additionally, we’re collaborating with the Provincetown Business Guild to develop a VIP discount program at local businesses for our guests that will include a local charitable component. Both of these efforts will make a big difference to business owners recovering from the devastating impact of the pandemic.”

Provincetown Business Guild Director, Bob Sanborn shared, “We are excited to welcome VACAYA back to Provincetown, the #1 LGBTQ community in America and all it offers. We look forward to continuing our long-lasting relationship with the only large-scale vacation company on the planet built for the entire LGBT+ community.”


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